Seattle U Canvas Login

What kind of email does Seattle University offer?

Seattle University provides a single Office 365 email account ( [email protected]) to each student, faculty, staff, alumni, Jesuits, vendor, and other eligible guests. Official University communications, campus news, and other important alerts are delivered to your email account.

Who can I contact for CANVAS training and support?

For Canvas training and support, please contact the CDLI Help Center. Email: [email protected] Catalog, the Canvas instance used by Professional and Continuing Education: SU Communities, the Canvas instance used by some groups: The Law School has an online program that uses a Canvas instance that is managed by their course provider:

How do I access my SPU canvas?

From the SPU homepage, select “mySPU” in the top right, and select “Canvas” Where’s my content? CIS imported Banner created Blackboard courses back from Spring 2015 into Canvas. You can access those courses by clicking “Courses” in the global navigation menu and selecting “All Courses.”

How do I access a canvas course?

When you click on a course from your personal Dashboard, you will be taken into a Canvas course. The course interface consists of three main elements 1) Course Navigation 2) Content Area 3) Sidebar. Hover your mouse over the numbers below to learn more: