Owa Kingcounty Gov Login

How do I sign in to my King County email account?

Open your browser (recommended: Internet Explorer 9 or above). Type your King County email address followed by "@kingcounty.gov" Click “Sign in."

What is the King County access policy?

Accessing the King County system by any individual or agency constitutes their consent to the monitoring of all King County related activities and consent to the suspension or termination of their access privileges during or following any audit.

What is the King County information sharing system monitoring and monitoring?

Activity associated with any aspect of the King County information sharing system is subject to detailed monitoring and audits of all activity to protect against improper or unauthorized use, access or dissemination of "sensitive information".

What are the consequences of unauthorized use of King County information?

Unauthorized use, which includes requests, dissemination, sharing, copying or receipt of King County information, could result in civil proceedings against the offending agency and/or criminal proceedings against any user or other person involved.