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How do I contact Aetna?

You can cancel your Aetna life insurance policy online or by phoneAetna customer service can be reached by calling 1-800-872-3862You will need to write an Aetna termination of coverage letter, which can easily be done

What is Aetna disability insurance?

Their services range from medical plans to behavioral health programs. Aetna offers both short-term and long-term disability insurance to allow employers to help protect employees fill their income gap from the time they stop working until they can return to work.

Does Aetna have life insurance?

The answer is yes they do! The company provides a specialized product called final expense whole life insurance. Aetna is not the actual entity that supplies the coverage, however. The actual supplier of this whole life insurance policy is American Continental Insurance Company (ACI). ACI is a good company with strong ratings.

How do you contact Aetna Insurance?

full name (first and last name)address/zip code/email/etc. (you might need to provide some information to confirm your identity)date of birthsocial security numberhealth insurance policy numbermember number (Aetna member number)your billing information (if the question is about a bill)