How to remove notifications from WhatsApp without deleting it

We’ll show you how to disable WhatsApp notifications without uninstalling the program entirely.

There will be moments when texting on WhatsApp becomes too much of a chore and you wish you could take a vacation from it altogether. However, the notification tone makes it difficult to ignore. You only have the option to disable your internet connection for this purpose. However, you run the risk of missing crucial software updates like Gmail if you do this. How to turn off WhatsApp notifications fully without uninstalling the program is described in this post.

If you don’t want notifications from apps like WhatsApp interrupting your work, there are third-party apps you can install on your phone that will block access to the internet for those apps. Users can control app notifications and avoid using social media apps with Google Digital Wellbeing, for example. However, some users don’t think it’s a 100% effective strategy to avoid utilizing these programs. Using third-party applications can put your personal information in danger.

You can also mute WhatsApp by going into your phone’s settings and unchecking the option.

To entirely disable WhatsApp notifications, follow these instructions.

In WhatsApp, you can disable all notifications.

  • First and foremost, WhatsApp’s notification notifications should be disabled.
  • As a result, you’ll notice the following configuration options –
    Whatsapp Settings > Notifications > Whatsapp notifications. This is done by selecting ‘None’ from the Messages notification tone menu.
  • To turn off vibration, pick “None” in the light option, and also to turn off “Use high priority notifications,” you can do so now. In group settings, the same procedures apply.
  • Settings > System > Notifications > Turn off

Notifications for system apps can also be sent by Android. In order to entirely disconnect from WhatsApp, you must disable notifications. In order to do so, follow these steps: Using this setting, you can turn off “All WhatsApp Notifications”.

Disable background mobile data usage and revoke permissions

  • Further paralysing the app is the third phase.
  • Follow these steps to make it happen.The permissions that allow WhatsApp to access the camera, microphone, and files on your smartphone can be
  • revoked in the app settings under Apps and Notifications > Apps > WhatsApp. Disable background mobile data usage by clicking on Mobile Data and then clicking on Disable Background Mobile Data.

WhatsApp’s “Force Stop” option

Force Stop the app after removing all permissions and stopping mobile data usage in the background. You won’t be able to use the app or receive any notifications if you do this. Open WhatsApp on your phone if you want to see what messages have been sent to you, of course.

You won’t have to uninstall WhatsApp or disconnect from the internet to avoid sending excessive amounts of text. In addition, your contacts won’t even notice you’re there.

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