10 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips for Android Users

WhatsApp has become quite a big hit ever since it made its debut into the instant
messaging world. It has offered something that no other messaging app have
ever offered and stood still in the top place till date. With no neck and neck
competition with its peers, it managed to gain the attention of the messaging
users from all across the world. Now, it has millions and millions of users who
rely on it to communicate with their friends and family members. It is a free
application and has many extraordinary features to offer. It promises great
privacy and security to its users by enable end-to-end encryption.

Users can connect through the WhatsApp platform and establish chats and make
free voice and video calls. WhatApp runs even on slow internet connections.
With WhatsApp, users can not only send and receive messages, but also share
pictures, documents, voice messages, videos, music etc. Users can enjoy quality
voice and video calls with WhatsApp for free. Though you might be a regular user
of WhatsApp, you might not know that there are some tricks and tips in it. Today,
we will be sharing with you the 10 WhatsApp tricks and tips for Android users.
Read on!

10 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips for Android Users


1. Send messages in format

WhatsApp has this feature of formatting the text before sending. It mainly
supports three fonts i.e., italic, bold, and strike. To send a message in Italic, use
underscores before and after the message and to send a message in bold, use star
symbol before and after the message, and use ‘~’ symbol to send the message
with strikethrough. For instance, _love_, *you*, and ~sweetu~.

2. WhatsApp Web

Most of the WhatsApp users are unaware of this WhatsApp Web feature that
allows the user to use WhatsApp on desktop platforms. Users can use almost all
the features offered by WhatsApp on android devices on PC as well. To do so,
users need to scan the QR code of mobile WhatsApp with PC WhatsApp. First you
need to go to the official website of WhatsApp web i.e., web.whatsapp.com.

Open WhatsApp on your Android device and click the three dots menu on the top
right corner of the app and tap on WhatsApp Web. Scan the QR code and you will
be connected to the WhatsApp Web right away. You can send and receive
messages to the PC and also see the status updates of your friends. You can even
logout of the computer after you are done by clicking on ‘Log out from all
computers’ on your mobile device.

3. Transfer Files from/to PC

You can also transfer file from PC to mobile and vice versa using WhatsApp
messenger. You can send images, docs, videos, music etc through file transfer.
There is no need of a third-party cable to carry out the transfer between desktop
and smartphone. Just send the image or doc to a friend on your mobile and then
open the same on your PC. You can download it to PC by clicking on it.

4. Marks chats as unread

If you don’t want a message to appear as read, you can undo it by marking chats
as unread. This marks chats as unread feature is available for both iOS and
Android devices. For android users, they need to long press the text message and
open menu and then tap on Mark as Unread.

5. Archive Chats

If you want to maintain the data of old chats with your friends, you can do so by
archiving them. You no need to backup the data anymore if you archive the
chats. So, to archive the chats, long press on the chat and click on archive chat
icon on the top menu. The chat will be archived and saved.

6. Star Mark a message

If you have favorite messages send by your loved one, you can mark them with
star symbol and simply go through them whenever you feel like reading. You can
even mark important texts as favorite using this feature. You can easily refer the
message if you have marked it as favorite. In order to mark a message as favorite,
long press on the message and tap on the star icon on the menu bar at the top. To
see the starred messages, top on Options in the three does menu and choose
‘Starred messages’.

7. Hide your profile picture

You can even hide your profile picture from those whom you don’t want to reveal
it to. You can set various options depending on your requirement while setting a
profile picture. If you are connected in more groups and don’t want to reveal
your profile picture to everyone, hiding it is the best thing you can do. To hide the
profile picture, go to Settings>Account>Privacy>Profile Photo. You can choose
any of the options that read Everyone, My contacts, Nobody as per your interest.
8. Tag people and message
You can also tag people you particularly want to message in a group by using @
symbol. You will get the names of the contacts when you type @ and you can
choose the name and send the message. The person you have tagged will receive
your message even though he/she has muted the notifications from the group.

9. Quote Message
You can also quote the message to avoid confusion as to whom you are giving
reply in a group chat. You can simply long-press on the message you want to
reply to and type the reply and send it.

10. Use multiple WhatsApp Accounts

It is not always good to meet all the people on a single platform every single day.
WhatsApp is such a platform where we get to meet all of our saved contacts,
irrespective of whether we have a relationship with them or not. With so many saved
contacts, we end up getting lots of spam messages, which turns out to be a big
headache. WhatsApp is providing a feature for those users who want to maintain
more than one WhatsApp account. Though it is not possible to maintain two
different accounts on the same mobile device, you can take the help of Parallel
Space third-party app to do so. You can separately use two or more WhatsApp
accounts on the same device using this app. You can also receive separate
notifications over all.

So, these are the 10 WhatsApp Tricks and Tips for android users you must know.
Give each of these tricks a try and enhance your bonding with WhatsApp

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